Message to Our Patients

We are excited to begin seeing select appointments in our offices!
We are rescheduling based on priority, so please be patient with us. Our team will contact you to reschedule your appointment.

We have implemented a few changes to our appointment process.
These changes reflect our commitment to you that everything is being done to protect our patients and team from unnecessary risk.
Please read and follow the following instructions so that we may see you in the office as scheduled:

  • The Digital COVID-19 Informed Consent and Health History Questionnaire must be signed prior to the visit. Please click the link below to submit these as soon as possible. We cannot perform an appointment without this form. To access the forms CLICK HERE.
  • Patient MUST brush and floss at home prior to their appointment. Our toothbrush station is closed.
  • Our waiting rooms are also closed. We are asking that parents of children 12 and over wait outside the office or in their cars. If you choose to come with your child, we will require parents to social distance and wear a mask. No siblings will be permitted at this time.
  • Once the patient is admitted into the office, we will have them sanitize their hands, record their temperature, and use a peroxyl rinse. Patients with a temperature over 99.6 degrees will need to reschedule their visit.
  • Upon completion of the visit we will call parents or guardians to schedule the next visit.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to you, our valued and amazing patients, for your flexibility and help as we navigate this unprecedented time! We continue to request that anyone with a cough or fever reschedule their appointment, and that you remain 6 feet apart from other patients and office team members as much as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Your team at Poidmore Orthodontics